Chess Sets and Chess Pieces

In ancient times, the game of chess was conceptualized to replicate a battle ground. On the same, the kings used to invent new strategies for better planning and deployment of their armies for winning wars. The chess set was imagined to replicate the armies at war. Over the years a lot of innovation has gone into the design and manufacturing of chess sets.

The chess set includes thirty two pieces, sixteen belonging to each of the two sides in a game of chess. Each side has eight pawns (peasants), a pair of rooks (castles), a pair of knights (soldiers on horse), a pair of bishops (priests), a queen and a king. The pawns are the weakest pieces, whereas the queen is the strongest in the game of chess. All the pieces are meant to protect the king.

For a game of chess, one needs to have the real feeling of the same. Since chess is a game of the mind, the chess set should be so well crafted that the individual pieces representing their characteristics should actually ignite the mind of the player. This requires quality craftsmanship and innovative designing. A game of chess actually makes the players more involved if quality chess set is used.

People generally buy chess sets for two purposes. Some people buy chess set as a piece of decoration and most buy it for the game of chess. Whatever be the purpose, the design, craftsmanship and finishing of the chess set hold the highest value. Many factors such as quality and rarity of raw material, size of the pieces, the detailing in carving, weight of the pieces etc. contribute to making fine quality chess sets.

Thus, chess sets manufactured as above, do actually engross and give immense pleasure to the players in a game of chess. Here's the pages of our favourite chess set dealer in the UK: Chess Sets  |  Unusual Chess Sets  |  Cheap Chess Sets  |  Expensive Chess Sets  |  Chess Pieces