Designs and Types of Chess Sets and Chess Pieces

The design of the chess sets should commensurate with the stature of the royal game of chess. It is a real pleasure to play a game of chess with an elegantly designed chess set. Chess sets are designed according to their class. They can be contemporary, thematic, artistic and decorative etc.

The commonly accepted contemporary design is the Staunton chess set designed for modern game rooms, homes and other places. In the Staunton series, one can have a wide variety of designs such as Polish, American, Russian classic, Philippino and so on and so forth. In all the designs, one can find varieties in weights like double weight, triple weight etc. The best thing about Staunton sets is they do not look awkward on a majority of chess boards and at variable environments. Lot of different styles of craftsmanship is also done like concave finish, cute look, aggressive look, standard look etc. The Staunton chess sets are available both in affordable and luxury segments, thus catering to the needs of users of all classes.

The thematic chess sets are majorly in two themes, i.e. plain theme and painted theme. The pieces in the thematic chess sets are designed with themes like American, Japanese, Gothic, Egiptian, King Arthur etc. The plain theme needs finer craftsmanship and the painted theme needs appropriate designing with colours. Almost all the painted thematic sets are hand painted.

The artistic chess sets belong to a different class altogether and usually bought for decorative purposes. A wide range of artistic designs like designs during the Mughal dynasty in India, chess sets made of camel bone, elegant sets made of metal, ancient looking marble chess sets, cute glass sets etc. are available for the connoisseur s and collectors.