Which are the best materials in the manufacture of Chess Sets and Chess Pieces?

Chess sets, involving meticulous designs are made of various materials like wood, plastic, metals, glass, marble, camel bone and stone. In comparison, wooden and plastic chess sets are commonly used now-a-days. Wooden chess sets are used both for decoration and play, whereas plastic sets are used mainly for games only. Due to the huge market for wooden chess sets, the materials like metals, glass and marble are mainly used for decorative sets.

Ebony and redwood make the most exquisite and valuable chess sets. Other types of wood like rosewood, sheesham, maple, palm, chedar etc are also used for making quality chess sets. Ebony, rosewood are very hard woods and are very difficult to carve on. Thus the sets made out of such woods are very expensive and valuable. The various designs such as contemporary, thematic and artistic can be made on wood. Thus, wooden chess sets provide a wide range of choice to the users.

The chess sets, made of metal are mainly made of alloys of zinc, tin, copper and aluminum. Pewter, another alloy of tin (about 85% to 95%) and copper (about 1% to 5%) is used to make good metal chess sets. In appearance, pewter has the appearance of silver and provides a high profile look. Apart from the mentioned metals, alloys like bronze (copper and tin) and brass (copper and zinc) are also used to make metal chess sets.

Marble chess pieces are made of either artificial marble or pure marble in India. The making of stone chess sets are done in the same process as marble.

Chess sets made of camel bone are designed in the thematic and artistic ways. These chess sets are considered as a collector’s marvel.