Where are the majority of Chess Sets and Chess Pieces manufactured in the world?

Chess sets, from the ancient times are being made with certain styles such as European, Indian and Russian styles. In Europe mostly the Polish styling is in vogue. All contemporary, thematic and artistic styling emerge from the above said basic styles. The Europeans actually gave names to the pieces as they are world wide called today and innovated on the designing to bring out the modern day contemporary designs. Recently China has also forayed into the arena of manufacturing of chess sets.

In the global market of chess sets, India’s contribution is about eighty percent. India due to her rich heritage and abundance of artisans, has emerged as a global manufacturing and export hub of high quality chess sets, especially the wooden, marble and glass chess sets. The manufacturing facilities are mainly based in Amritsar, which could be called the chess manufacturing capital of the world. Since a lot of marble mines are there in Rajasthan, quality marble chess sets are also carved in India.

Poland is another manufacturing base of chess sets, specializing in the contemporary European designing and workmanship. The Polish facilities offer wide varieties of chess sets such as contemporary, decorative and thematic. The various quality standards like craftsmanship, weight of the sets, appropriate customized production are few hallmarks of the Polish chess industry.

China has been a new entrant in the chess set manufacturing field, but has caught on with others, if not India. Almost all thematic chess sets are now-a-days being manufactured in China. This brings in competitive pricing to the otherwise high value thematic chess sets.

With the above global players involved in manufacturing of chess sets, the users now have wide range of options to choose from. This also helps in competitive pricing and product improvisation.