Where Can I Buy Chess Sets and Chess Pieces

The chess pieces actually bring life to a chess board. The design, craft and size of the pieces actually make the battle ground alive. A lot of special expertise is needed to get these chess sets manufactured and tested before making them available in the market. To cite an example, the depth and width of the mouth of the bishop piece actually decides its class. The more deep and wide it is, the more classy it becomes.

Since the manufacture of chess sets are scattered around the globe, it is better to approach a concern that would have sourcing expertise of quality chess sets from different locations. With that, a customer gets a wide range of options to choose from. The chess sets, after getting manufactured have to pass through a rigorous process of quality control. For example, even the quality of the metal discs, placed within the pieces also needs to be examined. The quality inspection needs to be done to ensure the quality of basic raw material such as wood, metal, marble etc. and the quality of other raw materials used, weight, craftsmanship, design optimization etc.

A customer of chess set, whether buying a chess set as a show piece or for game of chess, needs to look for a concern that can source chess sets from various manufacturing bases, specifying the contemporary, thematic and artistic designs to the manufacturers and that can undertake rigorous quality control.

One of the concerns that specialize in availing world class chess sets is Chess Baron at www.chessbaron.co.uk who are the major online presence in chess set trading in Europe. In USA they have a branch in California at www.chessbaron.com. Another reputed place for getting artistic, decorative chess sets is SAC.